Recent felling of non-native trees in Woodheys Wood opened up the ground considerably to allow the planting of young native trees in and around the same area. The clearance of the dense canopy will also give established saplings the chance to thrive.

On Thursday, 29th March, in fine dry weather, the Friends of Woodheys Park volunteers worked with a tree specialist and volunteers from Amey, to plant 200 Hazel (Corylus Avellana), 20 Guelder (Viburnum Opulus) and 15 English Oak (Quercus Robur) whips. The photographs below are before, during and after.

A huge thanks goes to ‘Tesco Bags of Help’ who funded this project.


BEFORE – Dense canopy with no light getting through


DURING – Non-native trees such as Norway Maple and Sycamore have been felled to create a zone of regenerating Willow and understory trees


Whip Planting2


AFTER – Volunteers planting the Hazel, Guelder and English Oak whips


Two established Pear Trees by the Kenmore Road service gate were recently vandalised and have been deliberately cut with a saw.  These trees were planted for the community to enjoy, now they’ve been reduced to nothing. Who would do that?


Felling of non-native trees, please click on the link above for more information.


This has been a year of celebration in the park. We want everybody to know just how busy The Friends Group and other volunteers have been and what they’ve achieved over the last 12 months. Their hard work was recognised by the park retaining its prestigious Green Flag Award status – Green Flag Certificate

  • A major aspect was the re-opening of the Pitch and Putt over the Summer months
  • Free Family Fun Day (22nd July)
  • On-going relationship with Stockdales – the FOWP Volunteers are joined by a team from Stockdales who come over to work in the park every 3 weeks throughout the year, whatever the weather
  • Free Workshops including Bird Song (May), Bees, Dragonflies and Hoverflies (July), 2 Bat Walks (both held in August) and a Fungi ID park and woodland walk (October)
  • National Citizen Service (NCS) Students (July and August)
  • Working with One Trafford teams (Ongoing)
  • Opening of the Butterfly Garden (25th August)
  • Fence repairs (Ongoing)
  • Bulb planting (October)
  • Pothole repairs to car park entrance (November)
  • Tree works (Seasonal)
  • Tidying and maintaining the car park and flower beds
  • Litter picks
  • Ensuring the upkeep of park security
  • Over 700 hours of volunteers time


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